The IJC, as a volunteers-based-convention, and the Israeli association for juggling and circus arts view the connection and the cooperation with the community and society in general as a fundamental principle.

As a result of this principal, the IJC hosts and funds each year several groups from disadvantaged communities for a visit in the IJC where they take part in different workshops that are created especially for them.
The groups get to refresh themselves from their daily routine for a day of fun that also strengthens their feeling of capableness and self-confidence of the participants.
In Addition, in the past few year we decided we want the juggling to accompany the groups not just at the IJC, but also in their daily life and daily struggles. For that we have created the Great Balls Project – every IJC attendee is invited to prepare a few simple juggling balls in advance and bring them to the convention, where they will be donated to the groups. This way, the participants from the groups can practice their juggling that they learned during the IJC throughout the year and make it an ongoing supporting process in their life instead of a one-time event.

If you want to participate this year, great! we need your help making some juggling props to give to all of the groups we will host. we will upload a video and instructions here, teaching how to do it yourself.

Over the years the IJC  and the Israeli association  for juggling and circus arts in the convention has hosted groups of:

Here you can find some Thank you letters and a full description of our activities –

Community hosting


IJC19Thank you letter-Emuna