This year, a lot of shows will take place at the convention:


The Avi Competition and opening ceremonies

Sunday, April 1st at 19:00 . This year will be “the best trick” competition. Avi Competition page

The International Gala*

Wednesday, April 4th at 19:30 – Kimron Theatre**

One of the convention’s highlights is the International Gala show.

This year also are invited to participate in the unique experience and arrive dressed in formal evening clothes. Delightful surprises await those in appropriate clothing. 🙂 More details at Guest Artists- International Gala page.

Prices are 80 shekels on pre-reg.


Monday 2.4.18 17:00 

Six people present their world on stage as they move, play, jump, throw, grab, surrender and discover what it is to be a group. An acrobatics show in a multitude of heights, in which trust and timing occupy a central place. A show for adults that children can enjoy too.









‘Le Cirque Démocratique de la Belgique’ (creation 2013):

Tuesday 3.4.18 15:00 

This circus performance is ‘very Belgian’ and therefore absolutely democratic: the public has the right and the obligation to vote and to decide what will happen. By publics choice, this street-cabaret goes from juggling plates and tap-dancing till a flat-belly-dive from 4 m high into a swimming pool with 30 cm of water. A humorous research into the limitations of democracy and the dictatorial tendencies of the majority…







Final Show
Thursday, April 5th at 12:00.
All of the best Israeli numbers along side amazing guest artists, in the show that will end the convention’s events.



Fire Show
 – Date and time to be determined.

Like every year, this year there will be a fire show.
After the show, like on previous years, the stage will be free for people who want to have a try at performing with fire, even if the don’t have a prepared number.

Children Show

will take place at the Amphi few times along the convention.
Entertaining shows, suitable for kids (and their parents).
Some of the top performers of today (and the past years) will perform. Entry is free.
Each show will last approximately 45 minutes.


*Shows with extra fees. See our prices for more info.

**The Seats Are Reserved At Kimron Theatre.