Prices and registration

The prices listed below cover all convention activities taking place inside the main gym and in the park: Workshops, parade, open stage, campsite, street shows, used equipment market and more…


Please notice:

*The registration for the convention is closed…

* The convention prices  do not include entry into Gan-Hashlosha – Please see below for details

*There will be no registration on site!


Convention’s prices:

Item price
Registration for all five days – 12 years old and above 290 NIS
Registration for all five days – 5 – 12 years old 190 NIS
Registration for children under 5 years old Gratuitous
Convention T shirt 50 NIS
International Gala ticket 110 NIS
Bus Ticket For The Parade 0 NIS
Bus Ticket For The International Gala 0 NIS

* All prices in the above table are given in the local Israeli currency of New Israeli Shekel.


Gan Hashlosha prices:
convention’s Price does not include entry to the Gan Hashlosha National Park, inside which the convention site is located. However, we do negotiate a major discount from the park management. the payment will be taken at first entry to the park (before registering to the convention and obtaining a badge).

We will publish an updated price list soon, for now see the price list according to last year (IJC24):

First day to end – 116 NIS  for adult, 77 NIS for first child under 14 (any extra child 63 NIS)
Second day to end- 77 NIS  for adult, 63 NIS  for first child under 14 (any extra child 48 NIS)
Third day to end – 63 NIS  for adult, 48 NIS  for first child under 14 (any extra child 39 NIS)

One day with night – 48 NIS for adult, 39  NIS for first child under 14 (any extra child 24 NIS)

One day (without a night) – 39 NIS  for adult, 24 NIS for child under 14
Child: 5-14 years old (under 5 gets in free)

Entrance will then be gratuitous throughout the convention upon displaying the convention badge AND the park badge at the park gate. For comparison the normal 5 day entrance fee to Gan Hashlosha is 332 NIS.

If you are just coming for one day, then leave your identification at the park entrance in order to be granted a reduced price.

These fees are taken by the park management and are not connected to the convention in any way.
Note again that the convention prices  do not include entry into Gan-Hashlosha – Please see above for details.


Registration to the convention is over…
Thank you 🙂