Guest Jugglers

Every year we invite special guest artists to perform, teach workshops and conduct master classes. Among our guests in the past were some of the best jugglers in the world today.
Some of them will perform at The Gala Show!

Here are our guests of the 25th IJC:

Delaney Bayles:

Delaney has been juggling for 6 years. She is currently a student at Circadium: School of Contemporary Circus in the United States, and is very excited for her first Israeli juggling Convention.






Joe Fisher:

Hailing from Tasmania, Australia, Joe Fisher’s unique fusion of world-class skill, impeccable timing and crisp movement has seen him appear on stages at circus festivals from New Zealand to The Netherlands.






Ed Cliffe:

Mainly known doing Ball and Box juggling, but loves all kinds really. Went to Circomedia in Bristol just last year, but have been juggling for fun for over 10 years. Trained and worked as a scientist, but now tries to perform for a living!






Francesco Caspani:

Juggler and actor from Italy, living in Toulouse,France. Graduate of Flic circus school, Turin and Lido, Toulouse. He specialize in everyday objects manipulation. He loves food, plastic buckets, and searching new things!









Emmanuelle Legros:

A French musician, trumpet player first, and also sometimes: a body-percussionist and singer. Like particularly Brazilian songs.









Julliette Hulot:

Became a juggler by chance. Also appreciates watching her hens living their lives and listening to stories. After the circus school in Belgium (ESAC, Brussels) she’s worked with different french companies, but mostly with the Collectif Petit Travers (since 2011).








Ron Beeri:

Born in Kibbutz Beit HaEmek and grew up in Kfar Saba. Has been juggling for 20 years. In 2009 moved to Stockholm, where he completed a bachelor’s degree at a dance and circus university. He has been performing all over the world for more than 15 years, teaching in circus schools, working with the dance company Clare Parsons and is one of the founders of “Lazuz” company with Itamar Glucksman.









Itamar Glucksman:

Born in Jerusalem and from a young age was into circus and theater. After several years at a circus school in Jerusalem, he moved to Berlin, where he was exposed to the world of dance. In 2009 he began studying at the Lido circus school in France. After graduation he began a circus career. He currently performs with several circus and dance companies and is a part of “Lazuz” duo with Ron Beeri.







Sebastian Landauer:

A passionate allrounder athlete, fitness coach, sport scientist and professional football juggler. Likes seeing juggling as a sport with no competition. Combines classic juggling with modern football freestyle.







‘Le Cirque Démocratique de la Belgique’ (creation 2013):

This circus performance is ‘very Belgian’ and therefore absolutely democratic: the public has the right and the obligation to vote and to decide what will happen. By publics choice, this street-cabaret goes from juggling plates and tap-dancing till a flat-belly-dive from 4 m high into a swimming pool with 30 cm of water. A humorous research into the limitations of democracy and the dictatorial tendencies of the majority…









The International Gala Show

Over the years, we’ve had significant evolution in our International Show. We started initially in the gym and then we moved to the hall in Nir-David. After that, we hired a sound and light technician and invested in equipment which greatly improved the experience. Upon the request of many, we let people reserve specific numbered seats. Finally, we moved to the Kimaron, a modern and comfortable theater hall, with a lobby, a professional stage, high quality lighting, and a superior sound system.


this year again, we are continuing with the formal Dress Code, exactly as we would wear (or as we are expected to) to a concert in a cultural venue.  We really must dare. The description of “The Juggler” in Tarot cards contains the following line: “The Juggler causes change in conformity with Will (both conscious and unconscious). As the Juggler, he is rooted in reality, constantly creating the world, mixing the elements into life.”

This is exactly what we are going to do: mix the worlds. The juggler feels comfortable in all worlds, whether dressed in formal clothes, or a simple sport outfit. This special attire will transfer us to a different world, one that most of us do not come into contact with often.

Changing the world, seriously, will intensify the experience. Give it a chance, and let’s do it!

You are invited to participate in this experience and arrive dressed in formal evening clothes.