Avi Competition

“The Best Trick” Competition

The competition is a memorial to the life of Avi Rosenberg. Avi was one of Israel’s early jugglers and participated in the first Israel Juggling Convention which was held in Eilat in 1988.

Stages of the competition:

  1. Preliminary round –  15 tricksters, scoring will be given out by the panel of judges only.
  2. Finals round – 5 tricksters, scoring will be given by the crowd, so be prepared!

Rules of the competition:

  • Signing up to the competition is done via the preregistration form.
  • You can use every prop you know, so be creative!
  • There is no limitation to the amount of props in the trick, so yes, 14 toothbrushes are allowed
  • Extra elements can be added to the trick, so this could be a good time to show your dance moves/acrobalance skills. Just remember that this is a best trick competition, so keep it short and sweet.
  • There are 5 judges that rank each trick with a score of 1-5 in 3 different categories: 1)level of complexity 2) level of performance (was the trick clean or sketchy?) 3)level of presentation.
  • Each trickster has 3 chances of making the trick, if the trickster was not able to perform the trick after 3 times she/he will be disqualified.
  • Judges will have 5 “second chances” to give. If a trickster was granted a second chance, they can preform the trick one more time (4 times instead of 3)
  • You must prepare at least 2 different tricks – one for each round.

After the finals round, the crowd will make the vote by putting ballots in boxes representing each trickster. The trickster with the highest # of ballots in the box will be the 25th IJC Avi Competition Champion and will receive a prize, Glory and bragging rights until the 26th IJC.




  • The Avi competition is sponsored by Avi’s family both in memory of  Avi and as an incentive for young people to develop their skills as jugglers. It is our observation that jugglers are nice, friendly and gentle people who do much good in the world. If there were more jugglers, the world would be a better place.
    The following are the winners of the Avi competition:

    2001- 3 clubs:
    Luke Wilson
    Sharon Cypis
    Ilka Licht
    2002 – 3 balls:
    Scott Seltzer
    Uri Weiss
    Barak Reuven
    2003 – 3 clubs:
    Vova Galtchenko
    Bernard Hazen
    Olga Galtchenko
    Special award – Denis Paumier
    2004 – 3 balls:
    Yaron Milgram
    Barak Reuven
    Thomas Dietz
    2005 – 3 clubs:
    Sylvain Cousin
    Jive Faury
    Thomas Dietz
    2006 – 3 balls:
    Ori Roth
    Maksim Komaro
    Sharon Cypis
    2007 – 3 clubs:
    Ron Be’eri
    Jan Oving
    Noam Geller
    2008 – 3 balls:
    Aaron Tobiass
    Yan Müller
    Wes Peden
    2009 – 3 clubs:
    Sharon Cypis
    Carlos Munoz
    Matthias Romir
    2010- 3 balls:
    Jordan Moir and Yan Müller – tied for first place
    Neta Oren
    2011 – 3 clubs:
    Florent Lestage
    Jordaan De Cuyper
    Bar Mualem
    2012 – 3 balls:
    Luis Sartori
    Tony Pezzo
    Nir Mor
    2013 – 3 clubs:
    Antoine Terrieux
    Sagi Bracha
    Ron Beeri
     2014 – best trick competition:
    Ofek Snir
    Emmanuël Boissé Pinard
    Miguel Gigosos Ronda
     2015 – best trick competition:   2016 – best trick competition: