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This year we are upgrading the convention’s “Workshops area”. The old swimming pool area that was added to the convention site last year will host the workshops schedules.

Whiteboards with all the details about the workshops will be there. We will try to pre arranging most of the guest artists’ workshops and more so you can see all of the convention’s workshops in advance and planning your participation.

It will also be the place where we announce the upcoming workshops for the next hour or two, so stay around.

Workshops will be deviated to “beginners”, “intermediate” or “all levels”. On the schedules also time, equipment and place will be displayed. Want to make a workshop? Please contact Noam Talmor, our workshops organizer, by email: [email protected] 

It will also be possible to request some workshops or make more workshops in  the convention, according to free time left.

Schedules will be uploaded soon.