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This year, alot of shows will take place at the convention:


The Avi Competition and opening ceremonies

Wednesday, April 12th at 20:30 . This year will be “the best trick” competition.


The IJA Regional Competition

Friday, April 14th at 20:30.

This year, the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) will be sponsoring an IJA Regional Competition (IRC) at IJC. It’s for 5-8 minute stage routines with a high caliber performance and technical skill, which are entertaining and marketable to general public audiences. Prizes will be $300 for first place, $200 for second, and $100 for third.

Here’s are a couple short trailers for events the IJA did in other countries: and


The International Gala*

Saturday, April 15th at 20:30 – Kimron Theatre**

One of the convention’s highlights is the International Gala show.

This year also are invited to participate in the unique experience and arrive dressed in formal evening clothes. Delightful surprises await those in appropriate clothing. 🙂 More details at Guest Artists- International Gala page.

Prices are 80 shekels on pre-reg.

Final Show

Sunday, April 16th at 12:00.
All of the best Israeli numbers along side amazing guest artists, in the show that will end the convention’s events.



Fire Show
 – Date and time to be determined.

Like every year, this year there will be a fire show.
After the show, like on previous years, the stage will be free for people who want to have a try at performing with fire, even if the don’t have a prepared number.

Children Shows
– will thake place at the Amphy few times along the convention.
Entertaining shows, suitable for kids (and their parents).
Some of the top performers of today (and the past years) will perform. Entry is free.
Each show will last approximately 45 minutes.


*Shows with extra fees. See our prices for more info.

**The Seats Are Reserved At Kimron Theatre.